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The boutique B&B design hotel City Map is located in Maribor, in the immediate vicinity of the Koroški most (Koroški Bridge) and the city center, literally on the route of the Drava cycling route. The magical view of the old medieval town center (Lent with the oldest vine in the world) and the river Drava will definitely invite you for a walk along the river embankment. The city center is just a short walk away.

The low-energy hotel, built from a natural material - wood, will first impress you with a modern minimalist design of clean lines, and the interior will fascinate you with an originally designed interior - the work of local masters and architects. The entire interior of the hotel will present the wine offer of Styria, the largest Slovenian wine-growing region, through maps and photographs of vineyards and cellars in the vicinity of the city. The city of Maribor has been associated with wine for almost a millennium.